Guide to Make Money Online for Beginners

In this guide, you will have an honest and good understanding of the simple method to Make Money Online. This article will help you get insight to understand how to succeed online. Multiple methods are available to make money online for beginners. Some of them will need considerable initial investment from you, while some others need high skills like technical or business skills.

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If you want to consider simple method to begin and simple method to sustain your income, then you could consider Online Marketing for your success online.

Do not think you will need Marketing Skills to succeed in Online Marketing.

Online Marketing also known as Affiliate Marketing is the best method for you to begin and succeed. You could look at the Market Place.

Multiple Affiliate Marketers with no significant background earn high income day by day and month by month.


Step 1. Understand Affiliate Marketing - What is it?

When you sell a product or a service online, then the product or service seller gives you a percentage of the selling price as commission.

You can earn from 5 to 10% for physical products. For selling digital products, you can earn as much as 50% to 75% in general. It is awesome, right?

This is the reason, Affiliate Marketing is really a lucrative area, if you are really committed to put in decent work.

Step 2. How do you begin Affiliate Marketing?

Ok, you have chosen Affiliate Marketing for making money online. Now what should you do to start your journey?

Make sure you follow the steps below to begin and succeed.

  • You need to choose a right affiliate marketing course
  • You should have proper time management to make progress every day. Allot few hours everyday consistently to understand Affiliate Marketing.
  • Make sure you implement the learning into practical steps. To be precise, TAKE ACTION on what you learn.
  • Make analysis from your implementations.

Does it look a little vague? No worries.. you will understand HOW TO do everything in detail in a while.

Guide to Make Money Online for Beginners

Step 3. Choose the right course or platform - Really not so difficult

You need to consider following parameters while choosing the course.

- Course should be easy to follow.

- It should have been in a market for long and high number of people should have succeeded using this course.

- Course must NOT be too theoretical. Course should make you implement step by step, as you learn.

- Course needs to have the platform to do implementation. For example, if you setup a website, course should have the web hosting provider, website manager, performance manager, etc.

- Good community for you to interact, get clarifications and understand the platform as you learn.

- Course should provide a platform for research. For example a keyword research platform if you are targeting for search engine rankings.

When you consider all the above parameters, you will see only one course available in the market. This course name is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate was created and run by co-founders Kyle and Carson, who have been in Online Marketing since 2002. They have mentored and trained thousands of online entrepreneurs.

Step 4. Check the affiliate platform Is it a proven platform?

Wealthy Affiliate has over 100,000 members who have been learning and getting  themselves enabled in Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Training

If you look at the platform, it very easy to use, with a simple user interface. It has multiple streams of training - Online Entrepreneur Certification, Affiliate Bootcamp, Virtual Classrooms.

Website Creation and Management

You have all the steps clearly explained.

  • infrastructure needed
  • detailed guidance to build and manage websites.

Price of Wealthy Affiliate starts at $0 per month

Google Ranking

Wealthy Affiliate provides an awesome keyword research tool called Jaaxy. Jaaxy helps you to find low competition keywords and rank your website high in Google. This will help you in visitors clicking your site often, make conversions and make money.

For a specific keyword, you can find

  • number of searches per month
  • number of competing websites in Google
  • tentative ranking in the first page of Google

You will see the distinguishing factor of Wealthy Affiliate Training -

Each lesson has key theory points

  • Videos with practical explanations and steps by Kyle - really makes you comfortable
  • Examples provided, will make you follow effortlessly
  • Tasks provided at the end of each lesson make you implement the learning in the lesson
  • Discussion forum is present below each lesson, specific to the lesson

Weekly webinars - You excel in tricks of success and expertise in latest industry trends

You could be on top of the industry trends by watching the weekly webinars from the co-founders, which is conducted every Friday. Those webinars give you more confidence on how you could improve your affiliate marketing skills and cope with the industry.

You could understand from sample webinar topics below.

- Introduction to YouTube Marketing

- Promoting Your YouTube Videos

- Let's SEO a Blog Post Live

- The 2019 SEO Checklist

You could find the webinars recording in the Wealthy Affiliate login, in fact recordings of many past months.

Wealthy Affiliate is structured to manage your time effectively, set goals and analyse them clearly.

You could start in Wealthy Affiliate at $0.

This means starter plan at Wealthy Affiliate is $0 per month.

Wealthy Affiliate is worth the try considering all in one integrated platform. That too at the above liberal pricing.

Click here to check ==> Wealthy Affiliate for FREE

Community Support

You get an excellent supporting community with super experienced affiliates. They are very helpful and supportive to provide clarifications, provide tips on any specific area or niche, friendly and cooperative.

You could get the above support from well structured forums. Also, co-founder Kyle is always available for you. Starting from typing the personalized welcome message for you and motivating you throughout, he is really awesome.

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