Is John Crestani Super Affiliate Scam – Review and Alternative

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I have experienced and have been fortunate to see many affiliate success'. This makes me compelled to share the story of a Super Affiliate who helps in achieving this success. Are you wondering how so many affiliates claim about making millions? Is that really true? 

You will find an affiliate marketer who has been in the marketing industry for several years. He has become super rich and he has been making others super rich.

He is John Crestani who is the owner of Super Affiliate System. 

He has skyrocketed from $0 to $700,000 per month, obviously after consistent hard work for years.

I will let you know the facts to make the decision, whether you could go ahead with Super Affiliate System. We will look at some of the pros and cons of Super Affiliate System.

This system is bit complex, though very effective. Through this article, I would also suggest another alternative platform, which makes Affiliate Marketing simple and make you see real results.

Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System is the program developed by John Crestani that orients and teaches you on:

  • Background on how he went from $0 to $700,000 per month.
  • His marketing strategy to attract customers online.
  • Working of his marketing funnel.
  • How he writes his successful ads.
  • How is copy writing done.
  • How video marketing is done by him.
  • He also provides a template for you to start with, so that you may get
  • Results like he has achieved.

Positive highlights in Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

  • He teaches a method that can work
  • His motivational story is shared, where he explains his online success journey - how he started from nothing and developed to a multi million-dollar business
  • Several business models for running a digital agency is explained
  • He explains 4 traffic generation methods:
    • Google SEO 
    • video marketing 
    • paid Google ads
    • paid Facebook ads, ​
    • paid Youtube ads
  • Keywords research taught by him is really good
  • Compelling ads are created by him
  • He teaches a great strategy for Youtube video ads and lots of experience testing it
  • He spends more than 6 figures in a month in ads, so his tests a lot on paid ads and strategies are proven.
  • He provides his exact funnels and ad copies to be successful affiliates.

He is proven through Super Affiliate System

He’s one of the affiliates who can say that he has earned $20,000+ per day which gives him a great competitive advantage.

In addition to affiliate marketing business, he also teaches ways of getting jobs in affiliate marketing in Super Affiliate System.

About the usage of the system

  • User experience is very neat and easy to navigate
  • Customer support can be accessed by email, phone, and in the membership community

Over-the-shoulder technical training on Google ads, Facebook ads, and the setup of his duplicate system

Few Skeptical things about John Crestani

Though he is a proven businessman with credibility, some of words and behavior are similar to scammers. He could avoid them.

For example he throws money around and making exaggerated claims like “Drop out of school”, “Quit your job”, etc and uses terms like “easy” and “quick”.

Now lets look at some of the prevailing feedback about his training

 Positive Feedback about the system

  • Newbies can easily follow the training
  • You can see results if you stick on to his method consistently
  • Training is modeled in such a way that it is easy to follow.

Negative feedback about the system

  • He gives the impression that making money online is very easy. This is not true. You need to be committed and hardworking to make money online.
  • He provides some quick money methods, which are not sustainable.
  • Methods suggested by him include paid tools, which may need an additional investment from you.
  • Free methods suggested could take longer time for you to generate income.


Even John Crestani appears aggressive and appears to scam you, his success is real and his system has right guide for success. Marketing industry knows this.

Many of the Super Affiliates are marketing his system and that makes him reliable. One of the downside of his system is pricing. If you have enough budget, I would strongly recommend to go ahead with his Super Affiliate System.

If you have any constraint about Super Affiliate System, for example budget constraints, you could look at alternatives.

An alternative for John Crestani's Super Affiliate System is Wealthy Affiliate.

Unlike John Crestani's system, which has only training, Wealthy Affiliate is a complete platform  for Affiliate Marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate


A detailed training on Affiliate Marketing. Training sessions are simple to follow, so that any beginner could follow the steps and begin an affiliate marketer.

There are tasks to be completed at the end of each session. If you follow and complete those tasks, then you could be confident that you have learnt that session well.


Websites creation and hosting are included as part of this platform. Steps for website creation and hosting are also included in detail in the training session. So you need not bother about websites part much.

This is a convenience I have seen here, which are rarely present in  other Affiliate Marketing training and platforms

You can try Affiliate marketing for free. Even in free plan, you can have two websites.

In the paid plan, you can host 25 websites. How awesome it is !! yes, it is 25 websites.

In Wealthy Affiliate, when we say FREE plan, it is not FREE Trial. You can be on the free plan for whatever period you wish.

Wealthy Affiliate offers following features in two plans


  • Beginner Training Course
  • 2 Websites
  • Website Backup
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 Only
  • Affiliate Program
  • Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches
  • Video Walk-Throughs
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Live Help – First 7 Days

Paid Plan

  • Beginner Training Course – Full Access
  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training – All Phases (7)
  • Personal Affiliate Blog
  • Live Video Classes
  • Video Walk-Throughs

  • 25 Websites
  • Website Security Package
  • Website Backup

  • Keyword Research Tool – Unlimited Searches
  • Training Classrooms – 2
  • Affiliate Program – 2x Higher Payout
  • Live Help – Unlimited
  • Private Messaging – Unlimited
  • Earn While You Learn
  • 1-on-1 Coaching – Unlimited
  • Private Access to Webinars
  • 24/7/365 Website Support
  • Website Feedback Platform
  • Website Comment Platform
  • Website Analysis

Comparison of FREE Plan and Premium Plan

Wealthy Affiliate Plan

Following Features are included in the websites hosted in Wealthy Affiliate.

If it is too much technical, never mind. Point here is Wealthy Affiliate takes care of important aspects needed for a website such as speed, security, user experience.

Wealthy Affiliate has the necessary features and plugins added for above parameters.

Site Health

Monitor the health of your website to ensure your have the best chances of indexing, rankings, and acquiring traffic through Google, Yahoo, and Other major Search Engines.

Site Support

Website Technical support available 24/7 when you need it. You can expect a response in minutes.

Site Comments

Our proprietary Website Engagement platform to spark discussion and see engagement within your website content - a must for ranking.

Site Security

Our proprietary suite of website security including hacking, malware, and bot-net attack protection. We keep your hard work safe.

Site Feedback

Get feedback on your website from the WA community and learn what others think about your site design, your content, and your overall direction.


If you are new to Affiliate Marketing or at any level, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth a try and provides value for money.

It is a holistic platform for any affiliate marketer. 

Click Wealthy Affiliate , to try the FREE plan. 

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