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In this post, you will have an honest and good insights into Bluehost as a Web Hosting provider. This review will help you make a decision on whether you could go ahead or not with Bluehost. For any online business website, after all Web Hosting is one of THE key factors for success. Isn’t it? Is Bluehost worth it? Let us now dive deep in to  understanding Bluehost more.

Bluehost has built a high reputation in the market in the past decade. It is considered as the best webhosting provider for wordpress. BUT is this true.

Bluehost background

Product Name: Bluehost
Founders: Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth
Website URL:
Ranking: 4.8 out of 5


– You can have FREE domain name for first year. When you find the suitable domain name (you can do this inside Bluehost), you can use it free for one year and renew within Bluehost after one year.

– Bluehost is very Easy To Use. You do not need any special skill for hosting in Bluehost. Absolutely user friendly at every step.

– For the variety of features provided, Bluehost is very affordable and cheap. We will look at the pricing plans further below.

– You can get extra security for your website in the internet for free. SSL certificate in Bluehost provides the extra security.

– You get 30 day money back guarantee for the amount paid.

– Most of the plans include unlimited disk storage, email addresses, domain hosting and bandwidth.

– Bluehost is a highly matured hosting provider with well designed and managed infrastructure.

– They are listed as one of the official recommended hosting providers for WordPress blogs.

– Unlimited video compression. You need optimize/reduce sizes of videos. You can upload your videos directly. Bluehost takes care of optimizing.


– Bluehost does not give you any trial version. You need to directly start with the subscription

– Though support is provided all sevedays for 24 hours, there can be few hitch ups in communication. This is because of different English accents, as  sometimes support is handled by non English speaking country persons. 

– Bluehost often tries to up-sell its customers through various plugins, which may get you annoyed if you are on a tight budget.

Understand more with CLEAN SCREENs

Homepage looks as below.


After login, you have a cool page which warms you up. You do not get overwhelmed that you are in a technical area!


In the above snapshot, you can look at various options.

  • You can have multiple sites and manage them. 
  • You can create your your own email ids with the domains you create. For example, if you create a domain by name www,, then you can create your own email id like
  • You can manage your domains from the domains option in the oval highlighted area.

Once logged into the wordpress, all the hosting features are displayed.


In addition to basic features of creation of posts and pages, you get a variety of additional features in the areas of appearance, plugins, tools, user management and so on.

Themes (website appearance templates) are fairly managed by Bluehost. Various themes  are available in Free and Paid mode. 

Themes tab:


Multiple tools provide you various abilities like converting the visitors into subscribers and then customers, configuring google analytics, etc. You will need to look at the tools or plugins needed for you and install them and use them.

Website Performance takes you high or puts you down in any online business!

Be cognizant about the speed performance of your website. Bluehost does a good job in managing and providing performance management and good speed. This is provided by a cache manager called W3TC.


Bluehost Subscription plans – highly flexible




Our most popular solution provides
everything you need to get started.




Normally $7.99


Great for a new website or blog


Easy-to-use customer dashboard


Fully managed solution





Power, control, and flexibility.
Run a server the way you want.





Normally $29.99


Great for moderate to high traffic


Scalable with on-demand resources


Full root access for additional control





Dedicated hosting provides improved
security and complete customization.




Normally $119.99


Great for websites with high traffic


For resource-intensive needs


Ultimate security and performance


For the vast majority of website creators, shared web hosting should be fine. If you are building a complete brand new website, you have no way to know how much traffic will your website attract. Going for anything more than shared hosting is more at this phase.

In dedicated hosting, you are hiring a physical server for yourself. This is needed in case big companies hosting high grade websites with millions of visitors, which is not needed for a beginner or intermediate.

VPS hosting is a middle option where you would share a physical server, but you have your virtual operating system. This means the server would function as if it is physically yours.

Viewing statistics is  super easy and comprehensive

You can view number of visitors – both unique and returning visitors, number of page views, which pages are visited most and many more statistics.

Look at the details provided by Stats screen.


Look at stats of visits on week basis

Do not get overwhelmed by too much data provided, when you look at the actual screen, it is really easy to look at the data in detail.

You can combine the above with page visits – which page is visited how many times. You get the details month wise, week wise, day wise. Such combined statistics will help you determine what products (for conversion) you can focus on which month, week, day. 

Conclusion – YOU decide 

All the above detail substantiate that there is no wonder that Bluehost is THE MARKET LEADER in web hosting for many many years. Without its proven performance, it could not be in the top for such long time. 

My ranking for Bluehost is 4.8 out of 5. 

If you want to have a web hosting which enables your success online, I highly recommend you to host your website in Bluehost.

You can click here to check out Bluehost

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