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Your growth in a business depends on how much you engage with the customer. Isn’t it ? More you help your customer, more your business will grow. Most of us know this.

But do you know how to keep up the customer engagement on a regular basis ? Identify their pain points and help them by solving their problems. Share the right value add content with them.

There you go.. Customers will be into your pockets. A win-win situation.

How will you do this? One of the key mode of engagement in current business world is emails. Share your value adding content with a well formed email flow.

Today you have hand picked email platforms in the market. GetResponse is one such leading email marketing platform.

When you look at leading marketers, they are using GetResponse for email marketing. But is it suitable for you? Let us look at it in a bit detailed manner.

A Precise Introduction

GetResponse is an online & email marketing solution, which you can handle from few subscribers to 1 million+ subscribers! You can use the platform easily. It has self-service applications and expert support for creating and managing email marketing campaigns, newsletters and autoresponders that convert contacts into customers.

Rich features of GetResponse (really rich?)

Templates – Easy Start

Looks matter! Choose from over 300 Industry HTML templates to create eye-popping campaigns for every audience and industry. Use the intuitive editor to customize your email communications with cool graphics, fonts and formatting, then brand with your company logo and colors.

Are you sure your emails are delivered?

You can feel secured as GetResponse ensures Guaranteed Delivery of emails – GetResponse has over 10 years of expert human and automated system monitoring. Hence your email marketing messages end up in prospect inboxes, not their junk folders. GetResponse ensures that your campaigns – and your brand – are always protected and compliant.

Improve your emails continuously!

Email Analytics – You can make sure every campaign is better than the last! GetResponse tracks every open, click, unsubscribe, and purchase. GetResponse enable you understand the big picture with visual graphs. You can get customized reports in your inbox daily.

Go Social Using GetResponse

Social media integration – Millions of potential customers get their product recommendations from social networks. You need to be cognizant about this.

GetResponse puts you in the middle of this non-stop conversation with point-and-click integration. Let Facebook and Twitter deliver instant links to your latest campaigns, blogs and coupons today!

Support By Holding Your Hand

You get expert staff on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support you maximize your email marketing and maximize your profits. Whether you’re a team of one or 20, they work with you ever step of the way so you market smarter and faster − without adding staff.

You can get in touch via phone, email, or live chat. It’s friendly and it’s free!

When you sign up for an account with GetResponse, you will be supported every step of the way by their excellent materials (context help, user guides, FAQs, and video tutorials)

Get Feedback with Surveys

Online surveys – With GetResponse Surveys, research won’t cost you a dime extra! Ask as many questions as often as you want and get the data you need to improve products, target campaigns, and stay ahead of the competition! It’s a snap to use – just point and click to design, then publish and watch the results roll in.

You can check a FREE trial here – GetResponse 30-Days FREE Trial

Go Mobile with GetResponse

GetResponse mobile apps – Keep your finger on the pulse of your campaigns! GetResponse provides apps for iPhone and Android give you instant access to your dashboard and key stats, so that you can take action, anywhere, anytime.

You can add subscribers manually or import them from your address book and you will never ever miss an opportunity to grow your list and of course your business!

List Building Training Program – It’s Free

GetResponse List Building Program is a free, comprehensive email marketing course that covers everything you need to know to grow your list by up to 10,000 subscribers in as little as 90 days.

Used with the GetResponse platform, it’s a complete email marketing solution, providing marketers with both the know-how and necessary tools to launch an effective email marketing campaign. It was designed to help marketers maximize their email marketing efforts by enhancing their lists with new, engaged contacts.

The course is unique and created exclusively for GetResponse customers, both free trial and paid accounts that have less than 10,000 contacts.

You choose from two program schedules: 1) 90-day fast track 2) 180-day standard program. Each session consists of a video tutorial, presentation, and an article. Those who complete the program and acquire at least 1,000 new contacts will receive a GetResponse University Certificate of Performance. A great certificate of achievement!

To find more details about the course click here

GetResponse Enterprise

If you are want Enterprise version, GetResponse Enterprise is a fully standalone system, engineered to provide high-volume sending, superb reliability, and expert support at an affordable price.

Your enterprise-level service is hosted on a separate, high-end server with two dedicated IPs and is capable of sending up to 1,000,000 messages in a 24-hour period. The system is managed automatically based on our advanced “send-and-delivery” GetResponse analytics, and monitored by a team of enterprise delivery experts.

What benefits does GetResponse bring to YOU?

GetResponse provides 30-day FREE trial

– Platform has 100,000 active accounts. So you need not worry about the reliability and quality of this platform. After all so many people would not stay if the platform is not good.

– GetResponse is an industry proven email marketing platform used by top marketers, whether affiliate marketers, direct marketers.

– You get smart Tracking Features and automatic message personalization.

– Catches lost sales and jolts your leads into profitable action.

– You are enabled with anti-spam practices. Through responsible and fully automated list hygiene, established relationships with major Internet and email service providers, GetResponse has maintained the highest possible delivery standards for over a decade

Considering the above facts and benefits, you could definitely try the 30-day FREE trial by clicking here ==> GetResponse FREE Trial

After all it is FREE for 30 days, you have nothing to lose !


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