Top 3 ways to earn money from home

Have you heard of super rich people across countries, though they are not famous? Do you know a segment of population who make their living, purely through online ways to earn money from home If you are curious about the term internet money, want to understand ways to earn money online, read on.

There are multiple passive income ideas online, but you will see hand picked proven methods here.  In this article, you will understand how to earn money from home, at your convenience and flexibility of time.

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1. Affiliate Marketing

You might have heard of affiliate marketing already. But here we will look at a different point of view.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

You make a sale of a product. You get a percentage of the amount earned from the sale. This is Affiliate Marketing in simple terms.

This percentage varies across the types of products, company of the product, industry and so on.

  • Digital products are those delivered to you online like pdf, software, etc. They do not involve shipping to your address. Examples are keto diet, chicken or low diet vegan recipes, Daily habits to reduce diabetes
  • By selling Digital Products, you can earn higher percentage. Normally it varies from 50% to 75% of the sale amount. Yes, it is amazing, isn’t it to get this percentage as the sale? 
  • For physical product the  percentage varies from 5 to 15% . These are the products sold in eCommerce sites like amazon. Examples are hard copies of books, home furniture, kitchen items.

Below are the key steps on how to make money affiliate marketing.

  • Identify the area(niche)

Area which you want to do the affiliate marketing. It could be any specific area like health, home decor, pets, etc. You can identify the area of your interest, BUT it should have a demand among the people.

Identification of niche is critical to earn money from home online . Best way to identify the area is to find out the area in which people need solution. This area is called ‘niche’ in affiliate industry.

An example is – ways to naturally keep diabetes in control. Here you help people with diabetes, which is large in number. While you help people, you could market a good diabetic solution product to them and earn commission.

  • Identify the affiliate program or platform

Most of the medium to large companies offer affiliate programs nowadays. There are two ways you could become an affiliate.

a. Sign up to the company’s affiliate program

Go to company’s website and sign up as an affiliate. It may go through an approval process. Once approved, you can start marketing the product through online.

b. Affiliate Marketing platforms

Multiple affiliate Marketing platforms are available, where you can sign up. It is like a market place, where many companies list their products. You could sign up for these platforms and start marketing the products listed there.

Examples of affiliate platforms are ClickBank, JvZoo, ShareASale, CJ.comc. Choose the products to market

Do an analysis and choose a list of products you will be marketing. Consider various parameters such as quality of the product, trust worthiness of the company, how the product was sold in the past, complaints, etc

d. Once you do the above steps, choose the method and means, you will  marketing the products.

There are various methods to market such as through Google Search, Social Media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.

Affiliate Marketing is easy to start, but needs consistent work from you. It could be an hour a day or 5 hours a week. Consistency is of importance here to achieve success.

Multiple programs are available to learn and succeed in Affiliate Marketing. Some of the leading ones are:

Make Money Online

Wealthy AffiliateIt is a complete program which involves Affiliate Marketing Training, hosting websites, guidance at each step, Detailed Search Engine Optimization, security of the websites. Advantage of this program are proven for more than a decade, more than a million affiliates earn through this program. You could sign up for this program for FREE.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most trusted, proven platforms in the industry.

It has a FREE PLAN.

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Super Affiliate System

This training program is from an affiliate who has become super rich through Affiliate Marketing, staring from scratch. Advantage of this program is it is detailed and you get direct guidance from the founder John Crestani. One disadvantage is it is expensive. Hence if you do not have high budget, do not opt for this program.

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Savage Affiliates

It is training only program, where Franklin, the trainer covers wide variety of topics in affiliate marketing. You understand various ways on how to get visitors, strategies on how marketing could be done.

From my personal experience, Wealth affiliate is a good program, where training, infrastructure, community and everything needed for Affiliate marketing is provided under one roof. It is FREE to sign up and they provide few FREE websites, which adds up to the advantages.

You can build long term PASSIVE INCOME using Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the most popular money making methods. But initially you have to put in effort and work to build that long term passive income.

ways to make money from-home

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is the way of income by which you sell your existing skill or learn a new skill and sell the skill for money. It can also be gigs or small products you create and sell in the online market place. If you are wondering how to earn money from home without any investment, Freelancing is the natural choice.

Freelancing is a very beneficial method of work from home. Unlike Affiliate Marketing, in Freelancing, your earning is directly proportional to the time or effort you spend. You earn as long as you work.

Multiple freelancing skills in demand include

  • Content writing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Online Teaching
  • Data Entry
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Above list is just indicative. You can identify the skill within yourself and improve on it. Various freelancing market places give us the benefit of selling our skills to the end clients. Client satisfaction and Quality of work are paramount importance here.

Because only when the work is of high quality, we can get customers further. Competition is also high in freelancing, depending upon the field you choose.

Ways to make money from home

Some of the most popular freelancing sites include Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Golance.

If you are a beginner, then it is better to start your work in less competitive sites. This will help you to get work quickly. Then you can move on to popular sites.

Look at following freelancing sites also to have a broader list of jobs and less competitiveness.

  • Truelancer
  • Guru
  • Twago
  • Payperhour

Once you establish, being a freelancer is totally worth it. Freelancers could make more money than traditional workers. Still, freelancing comes with a great deal of responsibility and accountability. You’ll have to find your own job, run your own projects & deal with your own clients.

Disadvantages of being a freelancer also includes, no contribution of retiral benefits like Provident Fund, Gratuity. As a freelancer you need to take care of your own tax calculations, you need to include them while charging the client up front.

Nevertheless, Freelancing is becoming the way of work in the next decade. Even bigger companies want to get their significant part of work done through Freelancers. The percentage is expected to go up exponentially in the next few years.

3. Tasks sites

In Tasks sites, companies post small to medium tasks to be done. You can sign up to those sites and complete the tasks and get paid. Most of the payments are done through Paypal. In this method, companies from large (like Amazon) to small size get their tasks done. These sites will enable you to earn money online real ways.

Some of the popular sites in this category are:

mturk (from Amazon) 

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a platform for crowdsourcing that makes it easier for individuals and companies to outsource their operations and jobs to a distributed workforce that can remotely execute these tasks.

Although technology continues to develop, many things still exist that humans can do much more efficiently than computers. These include content management , data deduplication, or analysis. Tasks such as this have historically been achieved by recruiting a large temporary staff, which is time-consuming , costly and difficult to scale, or which has gone unfinished.

Rapid Workers

Rapid Workers is one of the best locations too. Enormous job output find on this web. Simplified view of this site, so that you can understand clearly.Payment method: Paypal


The site is totally free to join. This is a Micro Tasks website that will pay you automatically and regularly. Microjobsite means a small task that can be accomplished specifically in time and you would pay for it. On average people earn 9$ per hour according to this site. You would receive $15 an hour as your experience increased.Join Clickworker Now-Make a Clickworker and earn online moneyPayment: PaypalMicroworkers

Microworkers is similar to the Clickworker website. There’s a lot of task going on on this site. From this, you can earn from survey, offer, register account, like YouTube channels such as that task are available on this site.Payment Method: PaypalSwagbucks

Swagbucks is a well-confident company. On this site you can earn swag-point. SB can convert to your currency and then you can buy a gift card, move money to a Paypal account, voucher card etc. You can receive by completing a survey, bid, online regular quest activity etc.Build account Find the best offers automatically, and get instant cash back and 100 SB sign up bonusPayment Method: Paypal, Gift Card

In addition to above mentioned three methods, there are many other methods to make money.

Filling out surveys

This method does not generate a high income, but you can make couple of hundreds of dollars when you take up surveys during your free time. But does it worth the time? Depends on your financial goals.

Some useful sites are listed below.






If you want to build a long term income, then Affiliate Marketing is the Best Online earning method. It is proven. It generates passive income. There is no limit to the income you earn.

Click here to understand further and sign up FREE for a proven program, which made successful affiliates Marketers for decades.

For any one looking for the best method to make money online, they can look at various methods, based on their income goal and the period they target to achieve this goal.

If you are consistent and have perseverance to achieve the goal, trust me, you will !

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