Best Method to Earn Money Online

Making Money Online method you are looking for should be real. It should not waste your time and money. If you look for relatively simple method to earn money online, Affiliate Marketing is one of the BEST ways. You will find here an effective simple guide on Affiliate Marketing method to earn money online.

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. But this does not impact the price of purchase. 

Everyday billions of users are on internet and billions of searches happen. You can benefit from this huge opportunity every single day.

I am suggesting Affiliate Marketing because of the following reasons.

  • No significant investment needed from you. 
  • Commissions earned with many digital products are very high between 50% and 75% of the product price.
  • You are tension free - No product creation, No inventory needed, No customer handling.
  •  Easy to learn and implement.
  • Many affiliate programs are available, which you can sign up in few minutes.
  • Large number of people are making very good money with Affiliate Marketing.

But one thing will be needed from you - Your commitment and effort. You need put in at least this, to earn good money, right?

Concept and steps of Affiliate Marketing

  • A product creator has an affiliate program. 
  • You sign up for the affiliate program in a specific niche.
  • Get the Link provided in the program. This link is called Affiliate Link (which is an URL).
  • You embed the link in specific places. For example in the website where you want to make sale.
  • You make a sale through internet - There are multiple ways to make a sale in internet.
  • You get a percentage as commission out of the sale price.

Ways to do sales in Affiliate Marketing


Create your own website and post your blogs regularly. Wait.. do not panic when I say website creation and blogging. Believe me, they are not hard as you think. When you read further in this article, you will understand this.

In the blogs, you include the Affiliate Link (mentioned in the Concepts and Steps topic). You need to embed them in relevant places.


Create your videos and upload them regularly on YouTube on a specific area you are familiar or willing to learn. When you upload decent quality videos regularly, your video can start getting views. You can monetize from this.

Each YouTube has a description under the video. You can include the Affiliate Link in the description. 

Question and Answer sites 

From your area of interest (also called niche), answer questions in Q&A sites like Quora, Yahoo answers. Typically Quora is become extremely popular now, you can have this as good option.

When you answer questions, you can redirect to websites which has affiliate links.

Commenting in Forums

Any niche you take, whether health and fitness, personal finance, parenting...the list goes on. In fact if you sit, think and browse, there are numerous niches available.

For these niches, thousands (or even millions?) of forums are available in internet. You can post your comments in those forums in specific articles, blogs. Include your affiliate link in your posts.

 Paid Ads

If you have a good budget to spend money, then you can look at paid ads in platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc.

Paid ads always have quick returns, I mean you can earn quickly compared to the other ways mentioned above.

Which is the best method

There are multiple views for this question. It depends on YOU.

If you are ready to spend time & effort and do not have enough budget, you can look at the free methods like blogging, youtube, forums, etc. This method may take some time to see the results, typically few months, based on your effort.

If you have enough budget to spend, then paid ads is best for for you. You need not wait for months. You can see the results quickly.

BUT free methods like blogging, youtube are good for long term income generation. Do you see why I say this? 

Reason is you put in the initial work and effort, after some time, it starts generating income in a passive manner. I mean you need not even re-look at them. They will keep generating the income for you.

Wondering how? Let us take an example. You write a blog in your niche and post in the website. It has affiliate link included. That's all.

Over a period of time, people will start visiting them. Google ranking also goes up. When the visitors purchase using your affiliate link, you get money. 

For example, you have thousand visitors in a month in the first few months. If forty of them make purchases, then you get the equivalent commission money in that month. This may keep increasing over months. Good right?

So you need to look at the method based on your personal situation.

Affiliate Training programs

Concepts are explained above. Now coming to the reality.. you need to WORK on getting yourself familiar with Affiliiate Marketing. 

There are multiple training programs available in the market for Affiliate Marketing. 

Yooo...hooo... some say free training, some say paid, some are brief and some are detailed, some are given by experienced affiliates, some are from amateurs..

So how to look at a platform suitable for you

You need to look at the following things while choosing the training program.

  • Who is the person and owner of the training, person who trains you?
  • How many years the person is in the Affiliate Marketing industry?
  • How many members have taken training or taking training now?
  • What is the price for training?
  • Are there relevant forums or ways to ask your questions, to get prompt answer?
  • How is the technical support?

If the answers to the above questions are favorable to you, then you should go in for that training.

From my experience in this industry, I would recommend a program called "Wealthy Affiliate" with FREE Membership

In Wealthy Affiliate, you will find that all above questions are favorable to you. 

In addition to this, Wealthy Affiliate offers a comprehensive platform for your affiliate Marketing.

In addition to Training, they offer following infrastructure.

  • Website creation
  • Website hosting
  • Content creator, which will be useful when you choose blogging
  • Regular backup of your websites

Regarding the questions we had regarding choosing Training, you can now look at each one for Wealthy Affiliate program. 

Who is the person and owner of Wealthy Affiliate, how many years of experience?

Wealthy Affiliate is owned by two Affiliate Marketing industry veterans Kyle and Carson. They are in the industry since 2002. They have trained over 1 Million people in Affiliate Marketing. 

There are huge number of successful affiliate marketers who have been earning great money, on getting training from them.

Affiliate Bootcamp Training provided by Wealthy Affiliate

Training provided is very detailed and step by step. This is a highly structured one, with Kyle walking through the steps on the screen in each lesson..How cool is that ? 

Checklists are provided at the end of each lesson. This is to confirm that we have worked practically on what is taught in the lesson.

You know the highlight? You get part of this training FREE, even in FREE membership.

Pricing of Wealthy affiliate

It offers membership for FREE, which means you can join this program for free. 

You get a premium membership also, which provides additional features. Premium membership is priced at $19 for the first month and $49 / month for further months.

Some of the features included in Premium membership are:

- 50 FREE websites - this includes website creation, website hosting, regular backups, high availability, etc Don't you think it is too many features for this price.

Note that for FREE membership also, they offer 2 FREE Websites.

Discussion Forums

You will find 100,000 members in Wealthy Affiliate platform. Many of them are real top affiliates. You can post any question in a common forum, for which you will get a reply promptly.

You can even ask a question individually to other members. 

Forum is a very active and loaded with useful information. You can learn and gain tons of knowledge, even by going through this awesome forum. I have never seen such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable affiliate forum in my experience.

Blogs are posted regularly in relevant topics. Topics such as how to write effective blogging, ranking in google, info-graphics, etc are discussed in detail and you are provided with practical steps.

This members team is so energetic, you will find multiple valuable discussion threads going on.

Technical Support

If you have any technical issue with website creation, website down, backup, restore, etc, you could raise a Support ticket. Support team typically responds in few minutes - what an awesome support response. 


Normally in Affiliate Marketing learning, you will need to go in for each of the following separately.

  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Website Creation and Hosting
  • Discussion, Question/Answer forums with high knowledge base

To be honest, "Wealthy Affiliate" is a comprehensive platform on all of the above. Once you sign up, you need not look at any other place. Very easy, effective and affordable.

Check out FREE membership here ==> Wealthy Affiliate 

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